Top Things to Consider Before Building A Barn

Like every horse owner, you too would like to have the best for your horses, especially their shelter. If you’re thing of building your own horse barn, it’s important that you incorporate certain elements into your barn plan in order to keep your horse healthy and happy.

Things to Consider Before Building A Barn


Depending on your needs, there are different sizes for horse barns ranging from the most economical to the most expensive. Consider why you need the barn; for private or commercial use. If you have many horses, it’s obvious you need a lot of pace where they can stay comfortably and even roam around. Some plans even come with an indoor riding arena for recreational and exercising purposes.


Your barn should also have access to utilities. A functional horse barn doesn’t have to be expensive, but it needs ample room for your horses to rest, feed and move around. Each horse you wish to house should have its own stall. Every stall should be of standard size for average horses. The best rule of the thumb is to provide as much space in each stall as you can afford. There is nothing like a stall that is too big. However, a stall that is too small can be very dangerous.


Evaluate your climate. Cold climate may necessitate insulating the wall of your structure. Also, be prepared for hot climates with additional ventilation. This will ensure health and well-being of your horses. A good plan should include the use of ventilation screens, fans, windows, and the best type of roofing materials for all weathers.

4.Ease of cleaning

Your barn should be a pleasant place to work and require as little maintenance as possible. A dirt floor provides good drainage but is very hard to clean. Cement is too hard on your horse’s legs and feet. A thick rubber stall mat makes a perfect surface to cover concrete floors, making the area both easy to clean and still comfortable for your horse.


What kind of design do you want? Do you want an industrialized or a simple look? If you’re a beginner to this kind of project, you should choose a simple design from the different plans available. The layout should be designed with the help of plans in such a way that the steps are minimized. For example, the feed rooms and tacks should be located near the custom horse stalls so that you don’t have to walk a long distance to access them. Also think about the traffic. If many horses are going to be moving around, your design should allow this to be easily done.

6.Storage area

A horse can eat itself to death if it accidentally gain access to unattended grain feed. All grain must be locked away, either in a separate room or in a can with a tight lid. Hay and straw for bedding must also be kept in a separate building to prevent fires. A separate storage area should also be considered for your tools and equipment.


When choosing a suitable location for your barn, it’s best to go for one which is on level ground. It should be positioned in such a way that the doors are pointed at around 45 degrees away from the prevailing winds. This will protect the barn from winds and ensure good air circulation. Your location should ensure easy access to electricity and plumbing.

Research is extremely important when it comes to building a horse barn. You need to go out there to other horse owners. Experienced horse owners will give you a lot of useful information when it comes to this kind of project. Doing your own research and considering the above mentioned things will help the overall project run smoothly and save you a lot of time and money.